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3 June 2013

What is an Aerial Dance?

Hong Kong Flying Pilates

Aerial dance is the general term for a style of contemporary dance that includes the use of suspended equipments, also called aerial apparatuses. Aerial silks (also known as aerial fabric, aerial tissue, aerial ribbon, or aerial curtain), trapeze, lyra (aerial hoop, cerceau), aerial rope, aerial sling (aerial hammock), and aerial net are a few of the more trendy equipments. It is a very challenging art form that compels a great level of strength, power, flexibility, courage, and grace to master. You need to build physical power to carry out demanding activity, able to bend repeatedly without injury. This activity also develops your ability to face danger, difficulty, uncertainty or pain without being overcome by fear or being deflected.

Aerial dance has pledge to continue, advancing and is gaining popularity as a fitness program. Quite a few of the latest vogue to arise from aerial silks are flying Pilates, aerial yoga and aerial suspension training.

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All levels, ages, and body types are acceptable however it requires that you must be must be in good health, and in proper physical condition to involve yourself in such activity. If you have physical conditions or limitations it is advisable and a must to consult your doctor prior to joining or enrolling in aerial acrobatics.

To build up your strength for aerial silks a great way to condition fitness class that builds core and upper body strength. The most helpful exercises are Pilates type leg lifts, Forearm grip toners (squeeze balls, springs, gyro-balls), Pull Ups, Lat Pull-downs, Incline Sit-ups, and Hanging leg-lifts.

Hong Kong Flying Pilates at Flex Studio

Hong Kong Flying Pilates at Flex Studio with O-Pattamaporn Somchit and Kimber Domke

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